Your family’s health cared for by one dentist – service doesn’t get more personal than this


At Lakeside Dental Practice, our number one priority for you as a patient is preventative care: ensuring you are protected against potential dental problems before they impact on your health. Many conditions which affect the teeth, gums and mouth can involve lengthy and uncomfortable treatment if allowed to develop. Treatment at this stage can also mean considerable cost which could have been avoided through preventative care.

“Mr Mark Wright’s dental practice is the best door I have ever walked through.

I arrived with no confidence, nervous, and with my teeth and mouth in poor health – I could not smile at all. After a consultation with Mark it sounded like a dream – how he could restore my confidence and smile.

After weeks of treatment and a gentle understanding manner, with the best care and attention, I have a healthy mouth and confident smile. Many thanks, Mark”


General-Dentist-Treatments-Dentists-GodalmingThe best way to defend against these problems is through regular check-ups with your dentist. Our dentist, Mark Wright, will thoroughly check your teeth, gums and mouth for any problems. He will also ask about any problems you have experienced since your last appointment, as well as enquiring about your general health. For most patients, this will be all that is needed; Mark will then discuss with you when your next oral and dental examination needs to be.

Dental Advice for Individual Needs

Mark treats every patient he sees as an individual, and will recommend when your next appointment needs to be based on your dental health. You may need to come for check-ups as regularly as every three months if a particular aspect of your health needs to be monitored. However, if everything looks good, then we may not need to see you again for another two years.

Whatever time frame is recommended for you, Mark will always give you the very best advice for your dental health needs. From youngsters growing their first milk teeth to senior patients looking to preserve or repair their smile, Mark is the ideal person to give the confidence and peace of mind only top quality dental care can provide.

If a problem is found, Mark will give you all the information you need about your health issue and the options available for treatment. You will then be advised on when to book a follow-up appointment for further examination or treatment as necessary. Even if it’s been a while since you last had an appointment with a dentist, it’s never too late to start providing your smile with the comprehensive care it deserves.

To book an appointment for a check-up at Lakeside Dental Practice, simply give us a call on 01483 421376 to arrange an appointment time to suit you.