Are you missing important areas of your mouth in your twice-daily brush? Regular hygienist appointments are crucial to prevent nasty build-ups.


Oral Hygiene is very important in terms of protecting you and your loved ones from mouth diseases etc. How regularly do you get your teeth cleaned by the professionals? Though brushing your teeth yourself twice a day is good for preventing tooth decay, places that are tricky to reach can be susceptible to build-ups of plaque and tartar. These can lead to a number of problems, including gum disease and even the loss of teeth. The best way to stop this process is by taking the preventative measure of seeing our hygienists regularly.

Here at Lakeside Dental, our hygienists NAME and NAME are committed to giving you a healthy and squeaky clean smile. They will remove any plaque using state of the art equipment, whilst efficiently cleaning your teeth with our special gels and pastes; this process is called scaling and polishing. Though this may sound daunting, it is usually pain free; we can also administer some local anaesthetic should you have any sensitivity.

In your appointment, you will also be given invaluable advice so that your teeth stay in top condition between your visits to see us. This will include some tips on how to brush your teeth most effectively, as well as how to floss and use interdental brushes.

We would also recommend coming to see us if you currently have a bridge, crown, denture or dental implant. Our team will check that they are clean and in great condition, whilst giving you any specialist hygienist treatment they may require.

After your appointment, you will always be honestly advised on how often you should come and see us, depending on your current oral health. If you would like more information about our hygienists, or to book an appointment speak to a member of our friendly team on 01483 421376.

To book an appointment for a check-up at Lakeside Dental Practice, simply give us a call on 01483 421376 to arrange an appointment time to suit you.