Our teeth whitening treatments are safer, more convenient and put you in control


Your teeth can lose their natural whiteness over time, often thanks to the consumption of strongly coloured food and drink such as coffee, red wine and tomato sauce. If you are a tobacco smoker, this will also give your teeth a “dirty” appearance due to the nicotine and tar in cigarettes and cigars. If you want to return your smile to its natural brilliance, teeth whitening could be the answer you are looking for. This safe and simple process involves chemically bleaching your teeth to make them whiter and more dazzling than ever before.

Many beauty parlours and health spas have caught on to teeth whitening as a fashionable treatment to offer; but the truth is that these establishments often provide the service through untrained staff. Unless you are being looked after by a dental expert you are likely to be putting your teeth – and your health – at serious risk. Don’t be taken in by “cut price” treatments that could cause permanent damage. Who better to trust with whitening your teeth than the experts at Lakeside Dental Practice?

Teeth Whitening Convenience

Whilst many practices only offer “in chair” treatments, these often require a number of appointments within a short window of time, simply making a course of teeth whitening too inconvenient for many patients. At Lakeside Dental Practice, however, we do things differently to make whitening available to anyone who wants it. We provide you with the tools and the confidence to manage your own whitening safely and conveniently at home.

Lakeside Dental Practice only work with highly-respected take-home whitening treatments, such as Polanight, to ensure you always receive top quality care. Your bleach trays are custom made using the latest technology to ensure they perfectly fit your teeth. The whitening solution provided to you is both easy to use and safer than many of the harsh chemical formulas employed during “in chair” treatments. Best of all, you fit the treatment around your daily routine, making it the most convenient form of teeth whitening available.

For more information on the self-maintenance whitening treatments on offer at Lakeside Dental Practice, or to book an initial consultation, call us on 01483 421376.