Dental Treatment Prices Guide 2021

Whilst the following is intended as a guide to our fees, actual work may be more or less depending upon the complexity of the procedure. Please do not hesitate to discuss any of the treatments with your dentist or dental staff who will be pleased to explain the benefits of individual procedures along with their alternatives. Written estimates will be provided upon request.

New Patients

New Patient consultation including two small intraoral radiographs if required£121.00
Routine six month examination£59.00
Radiographs (small)£19.50
Panoral (full mouth scan)£80.00
Planning with Study Models /Articulated £260.00

All new patients will have to undergo this comprehensive clinical examination which will include a full medical history, screening of the face mouth and jaws, as well as screening for gum disease. X-rays may be taken and from these a detailed assessment will be made; followed by a discussion of your dental fitness and any action required. This will enable us, where necessary to formulate a written treatment plan and estimate specific to your needs.

Preventive & Periodontal Treatment

30 minute session with hygienist£76.00
Root plane session with hygienist£86.00
Sealant restorations from£85.00
Sports Mouth guard (1 colour)£135.00

This Practice believes in a positive preventive dental care to maintain your teeth and gums, and to improve their appearance, function and health. Therefore visits to our dental hygienist will be arranged so a comprehensive mouth care programme can be established for you. This will include any necessary scaling and polishing as well as oral hygiene and dietary advice. The frequency of your visits will be discussed at your consultation.


Silver amalgam fillings£135.00 - £300
Tooth coloured - front teeth£135.00 - £400.00
Tooth coloured - back teeth£215.00 - £400.00

Root canal treatment (inclusive of radiographs)

Anterior teethfrom £560.00
Posterior molar teethfrom £820.00

Crowns & Bridge

Gold inlay / onlay£995.00
Full gold crown£1025.00
Bonded crown (tooth coloured)£995.00
Empress crown£995.00
Emax Crown£955.00
Porcelain Veneer£950.00
Bridge per unit£1050.00
Shade taken at practice/laboratory £150.00


Full upper & lower dentures from £2460.00
Full upper or lower denture from £1400.00
Partial (1-3 teeth) acrylic from £615.00
Partial (4-8 teeth) acrylicfrom £975.00
Partial (1-3 teeth) metalfrom £1285.00
Partial (4-8 teeth) metalfrom £1730.00

Tooth Whitening

Upper or lower teeth only£385.00
Upper & lower teeth£500.00
Single tooth non-vital bleaching from £450.00


Routine extraction of a toothfrom £190.00
Tooth extraction involving surgery
(average wisdom tooth £300.00 - £460.00)
from £385.00
Emergency extractionfrom £205.00
Incision of abscessfrom £130.00

Implants (carries a two year guarantee)

Implant Initial Consultation
(including small x-rays. If scan x-rays required, additional fees will apply.)
from £150.00
Implant placement and crownfrom £2900.00

Written estimates will be provided for all courses of treatment

To book an appointment for a check-up at Lakeside Dental Practice, simply give us a call on 01483 421376 to arrange an appointment time to suit you.